Crimson Imperador

Had a wonderful time reworking a beige dress that I had made for the ‘Measuring Up’ magazine shoot.
I hand painted it deep fuchsia and red tones with fabric paints that allowed the natural golden shimmer to still show through and the special paint allows it to stay flexible as well. Here is what it used to look like.

Here is a short video to show a bit of the process of changing it.

I worked in hand sewn embellishments and appliques. My beautiful friend Kelly modeled the dress. It fit her like a glove, she is so lovely.  She makes accessories under the name of Skullyswag that are really cool and punky! Her husband is an amazing photographer you should check him out. You can find him under SwellJuice on all medias.
I love my friends, and I love collaboration between all of the amazing talents that AZ has to offer. The best realization I ever had in this life is that you will never get anywhere if you try to do it all solo. Reach out and connect with your local community. Be involved and hear others ideas to push forward together.



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