“Can we slow down for just a minute guys….my feet are killing me…”

So this last 60 days have been pretty insane. I got married, and I vended at comicon which had over 55k people in attendance!!! Then just finished my first swim suit fashion show!! OH YEAH did I mention I finally got my biz lic also?? Yep its almost official.

Here are some pictures to enjoy

The wedding was great! Were got hitched on May 4th…so it was at night under the stars and we had jedi show up which was amazing so jeff ran around with a lightsaber. I made my own dress and veil and the entire thing was on a shoe string budget. We entertained 50+ people with food and drink all night and the entire deal cost under $1000! It was fantastic…I couldn’t have wished for anything better!

There is all kinds of customer pics from comicon in the customer gallery so check those out! And here is a teaser pic of one of my favorite looks from Gstring. You can find more here https://www.facebook.com/ModifiedmindsClothing I will be uploading them soon!

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