No Rest For The Wicked

Hey everyone!

Just popping in to give an update to the madness at hand. So much is going on, I don’t know if I can even touch on it all. Just kidding I am not that important. Here is a cool video of Victoria Paege being interviewed at PHX comicon wearing Modifiedminds. Watch the VIDEO HERE. She also wore a custom Hit Girl costume to the SDCC which was approved by Mark Millar himself! What an honor to be working with such professionals.

If you don’t know who she is…start following her now because this girl is going to take over the world. Like her page HERE. I am still waiting for a video from G string- as soon as it is available I will post it! I have tons of gigs over the next few weeks, so it seems like things are picking up finally. I had a great shoot with Cursed Machine photo over the week. Here is a sneak peek of what he is submitting to many big name Magazines. He is a very talented guy so if you are in the AZ area and looking for pro shots- Contact him!!

I also have had the amazing chance to work with some of AZ’s most talented, even if I am unable to make it to shoots, they still push Modifiedminds. It warms my heart, these people are so great. You can tell than Monsoon is here, which has inspired some really gloomy images. I love it! These two are by Joey Couture

These next few are by Missconstrued for her website revamp.

And this last one is by Jon Chunglo who I had never worked with till now. Clearly you can see that he is great at what he does.

So that is all for now. I have about 7 other shoots coming up and I will post images from each! Have a great week!

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